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700GSM "Pain Heals" Hoodie

700GSM "Pain Heals" Hoodie

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Please note: We recommend Sizing up. Hoodies are oversized but have a cropped fit at the waist. The original designer is 5'8,154 lbs and wears a size Large for an oversized fit.

- *"A Hug in Clothing Form"*

- *Fabric*: Crafted from a high-quality blend of materials, our hoodies are both soft and durable. The fabric is breathable and has just the right amount of stretch, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

- *Warmth and Protection*: Like a warm hug, our hoodies are double layered and provide comfort and protection. The heavyweight 700 GSM hoodie eases anxiety, weighing approximately 3.9 lbs (1.6 kg). The oversized body fit gives a secure feeling, while the silk interior hood keeps your hair protected.

- *Self-Love Slogan*: Our hoodies proudly display the empowering slogan: "Self-love: The pain will heal." It's a reminder that pain is temporary, but self-love lasts forever.


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